pain management in Calgary


Trust our advanced treatment to help reduce pain and stimulate healing from deep within your joints and connective tissue.

pain management in calgary


Therapeutic massage can help relieve tension from daily life while combating muscle fatigue, pain and other health concerns.

pain management in Calgary


Small needles inserted in just the right spots by well-trained professionals can make a tremendous difference in how you feel.

The Integrative Approach to Pain Management in Calgary

Pain is a sensation that can ranges from discomfort, distress all the way to agony, depending on the severity. It can occur because of injury, joint and muscle overuse, infection and/or damage to the musculoskeletal system. 

There are varying types of pain which include:

  • Acute pain – this can be intense and short-lived. Acute pain commonly follows an injury or infection. When the injury heals, the pain usually goes away.
  • Chronic pain – this sensation lasts much longer than acute pain. Chronic pain can be mild or intense (severe).

Our team is highly trained to provide long term sustainable pain relief strategies using a variety of naturopathic and medical treatments customized for each patient’s needs and symptoms. Some examples of pain management techniques include:

  • Prolotherapy
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy

Prolotherapy is a solution known for its effects on joint repair. Prolotherapy is a dextrose and lidocaine solution which is injected into the affected joint. 

Prolotherpay and PRP are not pain free, but a small needle is used along with some freezing which makes it pretty close to pain free. You will feel the poke of the needle and some pressure when the fluid is injected. After the injections your joint will feel full, heavy and frozen. When the freezing wears off, you will experience pain for approximately 24-48 hours as your joint heals. You are unable to do activity on the treated joint for up to 2 weeks for best results.

An ultrasound is not used at the clinic for the therapy. 

We have a well-rounded team of extremely passionate health care providers. With Naturopathic and Medical Doctors at the core, we truly integrate medicine. With the addition of a certified holistic nutritional consultant, colon hydrotherapist, massage therapist and laser technician, we offer the best of the best.

A full intake will be conducted to explore the entirety of your health. From blood work, to physical exams and truly taking the time to listen to your health concerns, we can get to the root of the problem and create long term, sustainable health solutions- not just Band-Aids. Your first visit with our Naturopathic Doctor is one hour in length. The first visit is an information gathering visit to identify all possible health concerns, and decide which blood work to run, if any. You may or may not be sent home with a treatment on the first visit. If you’re coming for prolotherapy, a treatment can be done on the same day.


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Medical & Naturopathic
Well Rounded Healing

When medical doctors partner with naturopathic doctors, healing and health are optimized.

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Preventative, Corrective
& Sustainable Care

Our professionals can help meet the health and wellness needs of you and your family.


Excellence In Treatment

At Calgary Integrative Medicine we are dedicated to the highest standards of care for our patients.

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Integrative Health Approach
All the pieces to the puzzle

As an integrated clinic all of our regulated health professionals work together to achieve optimal health for our patients.


No Band-Aid Solutions,
We Aim At The Root Cause

We take the time to take a deep look at every system within your body and how they are functioning together. We work towards improving your pain and help optimize your health issues.


Friendly & Passionate
About Your Care

Our smiles are genuine, and we are committed to whole-body health. Allow us to help you heal and thrive.



Dr. Janelle Murphy

B.Sc., N.D., Clinic Founder
Dr. Janelle Murphy has advanced clinical training in various treatment strategies, but her true passion lies in treating cancer and chronic diseases, including chronic pain and neurological conditions.
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Dr. Marisa Hucal

A Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in Cardiovascular Health, Dr. Hucal is excited to join the team in January of 2019.
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Erika Bell

Erika Bell is not your typical Massage Therapist. In addition to her 2200 hour training at Mount Royal University, Erika's continuing education has included dynamic cupping (with silicone cups) and RAPID Neural Fascial Reset.
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Dr. Tanya Kelloway

D.T.C.M, R.Ac.
Dr. Kelloway has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture since 2009. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Kelloway has successfully treated patients with health problems throughout the whole body.
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Jillian Szoke

Medical Laser Technician
Jillian Szoke is a highly trained-certified medical laser technician who has been in practice for over five years. In 2009 Jillian graduated from the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale Arizona where she received extensive laser training.
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Angela Cheung

Medical Laser Technician/Skin Facialist
With a passion for skin care and anti-aging, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the clinic. Angela studied at the University of Calgary (Bachelor of Arts) and later, trained at the Esthetic Institute and certified with Pollogen for their OxyGeneo facials.
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Rochelle Lake

MD, Medical Assistant
After completing her Medical Degree in the Caribbean, Rochelle decided to pursue her passion in Functional Medicine. Rochelle wears many hats in the clinic as she continues her eduction.
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Start Living Again With Effective Pain Management

Are you ready to amplify results from your pain management plan? Pain can interfere with your daily life for a short period of time due to injury, or it can become a permanent debilitating factor due to a chronic illness or permanent injury. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you may suffer from pain that comes and goes without explanation. Regardless of your current level of pain or the cause, we can provide comprehensive treatment rooted in integrative, functional medicine. This means that we enhance the results of traditional medicine with alternative treatments proven to combat pain successfully.We’re proud of our status as a leading Calgary pain management clinic, but we don’t stop at relieving your pain. We’re dedicated to whole-body healing and wellness, and our goal is to help you live a more productive, comfortable life that leads to fulfillment and happiness.



We start with a detailed consultation that includes a full medical history.


Laboratory diagnostics are used to get a preliminary look at your current condition.


Advanced medical testing and expertise allows us to dig deep and customize your care.


Our dedicated Medical and Naturopathic Doctors will create a customized care plan for you to heal and live your life to the fullest.